It’s Springtime in Maine. Tulips are blooming, the trees are getting greener by the day, and when you walk down by the water you can hear a chorus of saws and sanders running. All the boatyards are abuzz with activity as people ready their boats for Maine’s short but sweet summer sailing season.

This year the boat is in our driveway, I can see it from where I’m sitting now and feel a little guilty that I’m not out there scraping bottom paint or sanding the topsides and varnish. We’ve got a lot to do before she launches next month, this is the time of year where it all starts to seem insurmountable. Every year I sit and look at my mile long list of projects and wonder how I’ll possibly out sailing before September rolls around.

This year the list is as long as ever, but Anna R will be looking great when we put her in the water next month!

It’s handy to have a boat builder for a husband.